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Happy Holidays 2018

Happy Holidays 2018

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2018 is coming to a close, and IntelliSyn would like to wish everyone and their families a happy holiday season.

We’ve had a busy 2018, and we look forward to continue working with current and new clients in 2019.

As a reminder, our service desk will be closed from Dec 24-26, and will return to normal hours on Dec 27 and 28.

We will again be closed from Dec 31 through Jan 2, 2019.

Clients with 24/7, after-hours, and emergency service level agreements are not affected and may continue to contact our service desk via email or phone call to receive support.

Happy Holidays!

– Chris Stratton
CEO, and President (Canadian Division)

Reset Your Router! Evade Newest Malware

Reset Your Router! Evade Newest Malware

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Routers from a range of manufacturers have been infected with malware linked to a hacking group called Fancy Bear.

The malware, infecting from Russia, blocks web traffic, collects information that passes through home and office routers, and disables devices entirely.

Here are three things to do to safeguard your small business or home router against this malware:

  1. Reset your router: This will temporarily disrupt this malware if it is present.
  2. Upgrade firmware/new password: Ensure the latest firmware is in place and select a new, secure password.
  3. Disable remote-management settings: The F.B.I. suggests disabling any remote-management settings.

These quick tips will keep your router and devices safe from this malware, which has infected hundreds of thousands of routers so far.

Contact IntelliSyn today for more information on how to keep your business or office data and devices safe from harmful malware.

—Chris Stratton

Cybersecurity: Yes or No? Always Yes.

Cybersecurity: Yes or No? Always Yes.

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Cybersecurity and the implications of not being adequately protected are an ongoing battle as new threats develop daily.

It’s not about being protected or not anymore, it’s about being protected enough.

Technology, the security it needs, and the threats against it continue to evolve, making it difficult to get that one, perfect security solution.

The key is resilience.

Businesses of all sizes must focus on getting their security resilience as high as possible to maintain protection from all kinds of malware, including ransomware, adware, and computer viruses that can disrupt business productivity and even corrupt or delete important business data and files.

That means planning and practicing for these types of threats, with continuous evaluation and improvement of risk posture.

Don’t just survive a cyberattack, get stronger because of it by being prepared and taking the necessary precautions.

It’s not a question of if, but a question of when.

Contact IntelliSyn today to learn more about how you can fully protect your business from cyberthreats.

Security, Security, and More Security

Security, Security, and More Security

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With all the cyberthreats and attacks in 2017, your business is more vulnerable than ever before.

We saw the Wi-Fi KRACK attack threaten every device using Wi-Fi in the world, putting business and personal data at risk of theft and corruption.

We also saw Petya and Shark (later named Atom), notable ransomware threats circulating the internet encrypting computers around the world, forcing people to pay ransom to get their data back.

Those are just two of many threats to your cybersecurity in 2017, with more to come in 2018.

If your network isn’t protected by the latest security technologies, you’re leaving your business wide open for attack. Eliminate the risk with scalable, turnkey managed security and unified threat management (UTM) services.

Protect yourself with IntelliSecure, our complete security service, tailored to your unique business environment. IntelliSecure allows you to take advantage of the latest technologies and industry standards without the associated infrastructure, management, and support costs.

With IntelliSecure, you get:

  • A complete, turnkey security solution
  • Proactive security monitoring
  • Secure, encrypted, remote administration
  • Comprehensive support, including security patches and updates, as required

Contact IntelliSyn today to secure your business data and files with IntelliSecure.

—Chris Stratton
CEO, and President (Canadian Division)

Happy Holidays From IntelliSyn!

Happy Holidays From IntelliSyn!

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IntelliSyn would like to wish everyone and their families a wonderful holiday season.

With a new Ottawa office, the launch of IntelliShare, a webinar series on growing your business with the cloud, and our recap of the last 20 years in technology, IntelliSyn has had a busy and exciting 2017.

We look forward to continue working with current and new clients in 2018.

As a reminder, our office will remain open over the holidays with the exception of December 25th and 26th and January 1st.

Clients with 24/7-hour service and/or support contracts will not be affected by the closure.

Enjoy the holidays!

Chris Stratton
CEO, and President (Canadian Division)

A Note on the Wi-Fi KRACK Attack

A Note on the Wi-Fi KRACK Attack

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As you may have heard, a serious weakness in the WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access) protocol has been found, allowing cyberattackers to intercept passwords, emails, and data on devices or access points within close range.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the technology specifics:

This is an extremely dangerous weakness and affects almost every Wi-Fi device in the world. Your personal and business devices are at risk.

This is an extremely serious issue that can drastically affect your privacy and personal information.

Usernames and passwords, banking information, and other private credentials can be obtained easier than expected.

Whether you are an IntelliSyn client or not, I strongly urge you to contact IntelliSyn today to keep your personal and business Wi-Fi devices safe.

Chris Stratton

IntelliSyn Celebrates 20 Years in Technology

A Note From Chris Stratton — CEO of IntelliSyn

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IntelliSyn has been reminiscing on the last 20 years of business and the technology milestones along the way.

We’ve seen the inception of the first iPhone, the founding of Facebook, and about 7 versions of Windows®.

While those technological advances were happening, we were adding new team members, launching new services, and surviving Y2K.

Take a look at the full timeline of all the major technology evolutions parallel to IntelliSyn’s achievements and growth throughout the past 20 years.

I’d like to thank all past, current, and future supporters and customers of IntelliSyn for making the last 20 years something to remember and the years to come something to look forward to.


Chris Stratton

What Is the True Cost of an IT Upgrade or Addition?

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Purchasing hardware and software can be a daunting task for any business owner.

The return of investment (ROI) for technology does not work the same as other business expenditures. To invest in technology, you must have a measurable return for your money.

There are a couple of key things to remember before making an IT upgrade or addition:

  • Conduct a detailed analysis of the technology you currently have and what you are trying to accomplish with an upgrade or addition. Throwing money at a problem is not always the best way to arrive at the ideal solution.
  • Try combining the upgrade or addition with additional objectives, like more productivity, less costs, less downtime, integration with existing systems, etc.
  • Think of the total cost of ownership while comparing quotes. The total cost of ownership over a period of years is always the primary consideration for a technology purchasing decision.

To make the IT upgrade process simpler, IntelliSyn has created IntelliOffice. Our IntelliOffice managed office solution eliminates the challenges and the complexity associated with creating, deploying, managing, and maintaining an efficient and secure IT environment.

With IntelliOffice, all of your technology costs are packaged conveniently into a single monthly service fee with no monthly or yearly surprises. This gives you the peace of mind to focus on what you do best, knowing that the technology that helps drive your business is completely serviced and supported.

Contact IntelliSyn today to learn how IntelliOffice can streamline your business’ next IT upgrade or addition.

Happy Holidays!

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Everyone at IntelliSyn would like to wish you and your family a happy holiday season and new year!

We look forward to continuing to work with current and new clients in 2017!

As you break for the holidays, ask yourself: “Is my network secure and protected? Can I leave my IT up and running with peace of mind?”

 If there’s any doubt on either of these fronts, contact us today for information on our services and solutions.

As a reminder, our office will continue to remain open over the holidays with the exception of December 26th and 27th.

Enjoy the holidays!

Chris Stratton
CEO, and President (Canadian Division)

Don’t Let Sinkholes Bring Your Business Crashing Down

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As I’m sure most of you have seen, Ottawa’s downtown area businesses have experienced a decline in productivity these past few days after a giant sinkhole has left Rideau Street torn apart.

Fortunately, with the only casualty being an empty van, the sinkhole hasn’t caused any injuries.

Businesses in the area, including the Rideau Centre mall, have been temporarily closed due to safety. And, while many have been worried about missing the 2 for 1 deals at the Rideau Centre, I have been thinking about the consequences that a disaster like this can have on businesses affected by a disaster that affects its IT infrastructure.

Whether it’s a natural or accidental (or intentional) disaster, any business can unexpectedly find itself in a situation that negatively affects business continuity.

Would your business be able to cope with its physical location being closed for an unknown amount of time?

Would it be able to overcome IT equipment or data damage?

Would you have the support you need to get back on your feet?

Luckily IntelliSyn has the solutions for all of these business-at-stake IT questions!

Firstly, IntelliOffice allows you to get your business’ IT up and running fast with an end-to-end, turnkey network in a box so that you’re safe before, during, and after any type of disaster. You get installation, ongoing management, maintenance, and support for all hardware, software, and cloud networking elements to keep your business running efficiently, no matter what.

But if something does happen, IntelliServer has you covered when you’re worried about losing any important business data or documents. IntelliServer provides hosting and co-location services in state-of-the-art facilities that are backed by complete network administration, maintenance, and reporting. It keeps all of your important business information and data on a hybrid cloud so that you will never lose anything. And you can access what you need at any time, even if your business location is closed!

Also, IntelliTalk makes sure your phone system and communications to your clients and suppliers stay open. No matter what happens it lets you make calls from anywhere with a single number that is integrated with the system to appear to callers as if your employees are in the office.

And last, but not the least important, IntelliSupport makes sure that you will never go without the IT infrastructure management and maintenance you need. We provide desktop-to-cloud management and complete help desk technical support so that you won’t be left to scramble on your own any day of the year, any time of the day.

IntelliSyn has you covered no matter what happens to your business, and no matter where or when—even if your physical location falls into a sinkhole.

Don’t let random disasters like Ottawa’s sinkhole, or even a coffee spill on a keyboard, have an effect on how you run your business.

Contact us today if you have any questions about our services or if you want to secure your business!

Chris Stratton